System Overview

CCBookings is a booking solution for holiday care scheme administrators who want to offer an online booking system to parents.

  • The CCBookings system allows parents to sign up each year and then book places as required throughout the year.
  • The system allows parents to pay online or offline, by cheque or Child Care Vouchers.
  • It will automatically send out emails confirming receipt of bookings.
  • It will allow administrators to confirm and cancel bookings giving them the power to control what schemes are available and when.
  • Administrators can download all the information required in csv form, so that they can also work offline.

Most of all CCBookings isn’t just a booking system, it is a support scheme for holiday care providers. We will not just sell you the software and run. We take pride in making sure that we are there to help you every step of the way.

In the first term we will actually upload your events and set them up for you so that you can see how they work, for you.

We will then help you through the process of setting up your own events, until you are completely happy that you understand the system.

And even then, we will not be far away, if you have any more questions: some of our best features have come from requests by individual administrators!

Case Study: Sciennes After School Care Scheme

Sciennes After School Care SchemeWe were approached by Sciennes After School Care Scheme at the end of last year to provide an online booking system for the holiday care clubs and sports camps that they run throughout the year.

Whilst they had discovered several options available they were either very expensive or they didn’t offer the flexibility they needed.

So we created a solution that bolted on to their website, creating a secure area for them to take details of parents and children alike and giving parents the opportunity to book places online: even via their mobile devices.

Using a modular design, we were able to, easily and quickly, create the environment they wanted and then, as their requirements expanded throughout the year, we were able to add functionality as required.

They have just completed their first year with CCBookings and we are now working on the events for 2016/2017 School year.